Six and a Half Consulting is a small team of executive consultants, coaches and facilitators with front-of-the-room leadership skills. We exist to embolden business leaders to have big impact on their organizations through their people.

As founders, Patti-Jo Wiese and Casey Miller bring big personalities, performance, entrepreneurial and academic credentials. They are system-based but always human-focused. If they were in the Middle Ages, PJ might be known as a Court Jester and Casey as a Heretic. Both have your back.



Patti-Jo Wiese

PJ is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant with a rich, eclectic entrepreneurial background.

A true connector, she drives for big change and meaningful impact. PJ has had work wins in the areas of global marketing strategy, personal branding for executives, filmmaking, technology startups, and recently through intergenerational leadership work in finance and healthcare.

She's an advocate for innovation and watchdog for resilience. PJ backs leaders boldly so they can confront the world’s greatest problems with a strategic, human-centred business approach. Expect her to partner with you with wit, grit, mischief and creativity.

Casey Miller

Big heart, powerful truths and deep belly laughs. These words infuse Casey’s purpose: to help people lead more purposeful lives and companies have greater impact.

Founder of Six and a Half Consulting, Casey brings 15+ years of business experience including roles of President, VP Business Development, and VP Strategy.

An expert in leadership development, Casey is bold and charming. He is a truth-teller. And he loves to play. Casey is also the author of Six and a Half: a story about roads, rashes, and redemption, a book written about his experiences on a bike, alone, riding across the United States.

Casey is a CTI-Trained Executive Coach and holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and another in Theological Studies from Harvard University.

Our team of engineers made a palpable shift in crucial conversations as a direct result of the trainings. We now have shared awareness. In coaching, they opened my eyes to how I can be a more direct, strategic leader; conversations go deep, lead to insight and map a path forward.
Dan Millar
Engagement & Sales Manager
MistyWest Consulting
"They gave our international team the chance to belong; to get to know ourselves (and others) better, connect lightly and deeply, build trust, and we learned that conflict is good when held with best intentions. Casey and PJ show up as human beings and professionals -something we see way too rarely in the business world."
Marjo Anniina Ruokamo
President - Co-Founder
Periphery Digital Marketing
Six and a Half was our go to for conflict resolution and connection during CEO succession, strat planning and leader development. They bolstered our key people in Canada, China and the US offices - they stabilized and challenged our team to grow personally and globally.
Sarah McKinnon
Delta-Q Technologies
As an Owner, I felt really supported. Casey & PJ get it. They show up when and where you need them. They love to drop into a new culture and make people feel comfortable and challenged. Our expansion and succession presented real threats and they kept me and my diverse team on track and our values alive.
Lyle Perry
Kerrisdale Lumber
Leadership, Coach skills training made our regional teams stand out in our national organization.
Beth Hoff
Manager Field Operations - Canada
CH Robinson Logistics

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